Avengers Endgame from the Perspective of a Marvel Hater

Let me start by saying I do not hate Marvel movies. I think they are creative stories that give many people joy and I have a lot of respect for them. However “Marvel Hater” makes for a catchier title, so here goes.

I saw Avengers Endgame this past weekend and I left the theatre different than when I walked in. I came to the show expecting to sit through three hours of fight scenes and minimally funny jokes made by beefy male superheroes. However from the first scene of the movie I was immediately engaged in the story.

Having only seen a handful of Marvel movies before viewing this one I wasn’t expecting Endgame to be very accessible for someone like me with minimal knowledge about characters backstory. I was happily mistaken, as I was able to follow everything that went on without feeling like the whole thing was one inside joke I didn’t understand.

Throughout the movie, I was surprised again and again how engaging the characters were. I was caring about what happened to them in a way I had never experienced before.

Even though in past movies I have seen the humor was borderline cringe-worthy I really enjoyed the occasional comic relief. The film is very intense sometimes and the occasional laughs break the intensity in a pleasing way.

The plot was very entertaining, weaving in and out with interesting twists and turns. I never lost interest in the entire movie and that doesnt happen often.

All the way till the end I was rooting for the main characters and when the movie finally concluded I felt like I had taken an emotional journey with characters I nevedr thought I would connect with.

I like the movie so much that the whole way home I was analyzing it and coming up with conspiracy theories. For instance, if the movie was framed differently would Thanos really be the good guy?

I have been wondering how much pressure the directors/writers were under to make a fantastic movie. So many people have been anticipating this movie for so long and the pressure to not disappoint them must have been a lot.

This movie was honestly fantastic. The directors were very smart making it understandable for people who aren’t Marvel buffs. Its easy for people who aren’t super fans to feel alienated.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “no endgame spoilers” in the past few days. Before I saw it I thought who cares if it’s spoiled. Now that I’ve seen it I understand why people are so adamant that it not be ruined for them.

I have a newfound respect for Marvel movies and what they do for the superhero genere. They mean so much to so many people and I am glad I see that now.

To all the people who are genuine Marvel haters I say give Endgame a chance. No matter what your level of interest is in Marvel you will walk out with a smile

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