America’s Next Top Model the best reality television competitions on the air to date. Hands down. It offers drama, vicious competition, and a wide variety of stimulating challenges that engage the viewer and keep them wanting more.

ANTM is one of television’s most successful shows, running for twenty four consecutive seasons and having over thirty recreations of the series produced internationally.

Almost every season features Tyra Banks, supermodel and businesswoman, J. Alexander, runway coach, and Jay Manuel, Makeup-artist and creative director. These three judges are the heart of the show.

Tyra, in my opinion, is the perfect host. She is a caring mother figure but knows when to put her foot down. Her supermodel background allows her to give unique advice to the aspiring top models. Secretly, I think she is a bit crazy because at least one an episode she makes odd comments and awkward jokes.

J. Alexander is simply an icon. He breaks the boundaries of gender identity and displays a confidence that jumps off the screen. Dressing in wild outfits and introducing exciting guests he spices up an already exciting show.

Jay Manuel, commonly known as Mr. Jay, is the outspoken creative director. He stirs up drama consistently throughout the show due to his critical comments and tough love attitude.

From watching nearly every season of the show I have gathered a few opinions.

First off, I believe it is a deeply problematic show in that they are critiquing young women on their personal appearance. In all fairness it is a business the models are choosing to enter that focuses almost exclusively on looks, but it is volatile for young viewers. Seeing the seemingly perfect models get critiqued on their looks can make young viewers wonder if they will ever be good enough.

Secondly, I believe that Nigel Barker, panel judge and occasional guest photographer on the show, is a HUGE creep. In almost every episode when they conduct their judging panel he makes remarks solely on the models sex appeal and not on their skill as a model. This contributes to the larger problem in society of women only being valued as sexual objects.

Despite these two negative views, I still maintain that it is a deeply entertaining program. It combines drama, fashion and competitive spirit in a way that no other show does. From loud opinionated judges Like Janice Dickinson to crazy photoshoots with wild animals, this show never disappoints.